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Who We Are

Anshe Sfard Congregation was established in 1915 with the purpose to be a place for traditional Jewish life in the Akron community.  Today we are a vibrant and exciting congregation with many religious, cultural and social endeavors.


Our mission has been to create a welcoming and non-judgmental environment engendering a feeling of comfort and belonging in Jewish men, women & children of all backgrounds. While we conduct our religious services in accordance with traditional requirements, the diversity of our congregation defies categorization.


All who attend Anshe Sfard for life cycle events, Shabbat or holidays receive the same respect and consideration, regardless of their level of observance, knowledge or background. The primary focus of Anshe Sfard is to provide encouragement for its congregants to grow spiritually and to find a level of commitment with which they feel comfortable.

Rabbi Mendy OBM & Kaila Sasonkin

Spiritual Leader

Rabbi Mendy Sasonkin OBM, a graduate of Chabad Yeshivahs, was the spiritual leader of our congregation from 1995 until his untimely passing in 2018. His wife Kaila Sasonkin is the education Director. His son, Rabbi Moshe Sasonkin is the current spiritual leader.

Rabbi Moshe & Mussie Sasonkin

RabbiMoshe Sasonkin

Rabbi EmeritusAbraham Leibtag O.B.M. 

Rabbi EmeritusMendy Sasonkin O.B.M.

Talmud-Torah Director - Kaila Sasonkin

Program Director - Mussie Sasonkin

PresidentJoel Stile

Vice PresidentReuven C. Cohen

Men's Club PresidentArthur Taub

Women's Chavurah PresidentRobyn Tobias

Free Loan PresidentKeith Migdal

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