Hebrew Writings

"The Rabbi Mendy Torah"

Dedicated by Steven & Wendy Zimmerman in loving memory of Lew & Rivie

Introducing the launch of a new Torah scroll!

We will be writing a brand new Torah for our Shul called the "Rabbi Mendy Torah." 
The Torah is a tribute to our beloved Rabbi Mendy Sasonkin, 
and is dedicated in loving memory of Lew & Rivie Zimmerman

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"My Letter in the Rabbi Mendy Torah"
Have the scribe write a letter in the new Torah just for you!

There is a special Mitzvah to write a Torah Scroll. You can take part in it today!

Our Sages teach us this can be accomplished by "buying" a letter in a Torah Scroll which is being written.

The Jewish nation is one Torah scroll. Every individual — big or small, scholar or unlearned — is one letter. We are all one, interdependent and equally important.

The Torah joins all the separate letters, and they become one unit: the holy Torah. Whether a child or an adult, having a letter in the Torah expresses our being part of the unity of the entire Jewish people.

A Torah from which even one letter is missing cannot be used. So, every single one of us is needed to make it complete, man, woman and child.

Purchase a letter today for you and each member of your family!

There is a symbolic cost of $1 per letter